How to do Local SEO for Small Businesses

How to do local SEO for small businesses?

Our ideal customer comprises small to medium-sized local businesses, whether they offer their services and products in a physical location or online through mobile devices.


We believe that local businesses do not fully harness the potential of the powerful tools of digital marketing and the internet for reaching local customers.

That’s why we, in BonBonica marketing agency, have developed a quick and reliable ‘local business SEO processes’ for our clients to easily understand the basic terms and how their online presence should be established to work for them.

For this purpose, we have added the ‘local SEO’ prefix to terms that are the part of ‘local business SEO processes’.

To facilitate easier communication with our clients, we use terms related to local SEO tips and tricks that we’ve perfected while positioning clients on higher positions in search results.

So, let us explain here what these terms, local SEO strategy, local keywords, SEO ranking factors, local SEO tools and local link building really mean. Let’s start!

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Having a strong Local SEO strategy is crucial for gaining visibility for your website in your specific area. Over 85% of Americans rely on Google when searching for businesses and services, and local searches, such as “where to buy,” hold significant value. With millions of searches being conducted every day, it’s essential to utilize SEO techniques to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Why does Local SEO matter for businesses?

Implementing an effective SEO strategy ensures that your website appears prominently in local search results when people search for keywords relevant to your business. Achieving high rankings in search results opens up broader opportunities for increased visibility, higher search traffic, and ultimately, more sales. Investing in local SEO is a wise decision for the growth and success of your business.

If you’re looking to elevate your local business to a higher position in Google’s organic search results and on maps, you’ve come to the right place. Trust Bonbonica LLC to deliver the expertise and strategies needed to achieve your goals.

First step for local business owners, verify your Google Business Profile!

If you are seeking to position your local business to a higher spot in local listings on Google Map Listing and attract more customers, the first thing to do is check if your Google Business profile is verified and showing in local rankings and local searches. Let’s imagine that your GBP is verified but it is showing far away from the first page in google map pack.

To check your business’s ranking, perform a search using the keyword that local customers are most likely to use when searching for your service. For instance, if you’re a roofer, enter ‘roof repair near me’ into the Google search bar. Take a note of where your business appears in the Google Map Pack, and keep in mind that 40% of people searching for a roofer will click on the first roofer in this map listing.

If you don’t see your local business listed in the top 3 results, it’s likely that your ‘brick and mortar’ location isn’t adequately showcased in Google map pack. Not to worry, I can assist you with this. Start by reviewing your Google Business Profile to ensure your business category is accurately entered.

Once it’s fixed, take a look at how well you’ve presented your local business listings online. Evaluate the photos you’ve added to your profile and ensure they effectively represent your efforts and are saved with the keywords you want to associate with your business. Knowing this can kickstart your journey towards expanding your online opportunities and reaching a wider audience of local customers.

Second Step for local business owners, check local citations about your business!

When Google crawl your web site their robots are looking for the information about how many time your business details are listed on internet through local directories. These online directories are platforms where local businesses provide their name, phone number and address. All these online directories where your listed your business will be recognized by Google and Google will issue one credit for each one of them. Not all directories has a same power and trust, but for now that is not important for you.

Ensure your name, address, and phone number are consistent online

So, your next step should be to verify that all your business information are consistent across directories. And, why is that important?

Because you have to be able to find your site quickly using your NAP. This means ensuring that your address and phone number are displayed exactly the same way on every directory listings. It’s crucial to avoid adding incorrect information such duplicate listings and wrong phone number or varying details on different online directories.

Third Step for local businesses, create connection with local sites and empower your business with local backlinks

Third magical trick that will help your online presence is support your online business with backlinks.

We mentioned citations in second step. In other words citations are backlinks to your website from the directory where you listed your business data. Backlinks are almost the same mechanism that gives the power to your website.

Before I continue let me quickly explain why it is important that your business have a website. Having website is enormous potential, because that is cheap way to show your business to your local community and your customers, as many times as you want.

Having website your business become more trusted in Googles “eyes”. But not all websites have a good ranking and not all the websites have a good “marks” in Google “classroom”.

Having a good Domain rating and a good Trust Factor depends on many factors, such as domain age, number of words you use on your website and is your website good for Google customers, is your website structured properly etc.

But don’t worry, with a new expansion of digital marketing tools it is much easier for small businesses to set their websites to be useful to local searchers.

Don't be afraid to start using Google Search Console

All business owners who have a website should start to use Search Console and social media marketing and learn basics about their business online.

We understand that not a lot of business owners have a time to deal with that, that’s why we offer our knowledge and experience to help you reach your online goal, and start enhance your online presence right now.

Search Console provides free SEO tools for local search engine optimization, monitoring the search engine’s visibility. Using search console you can also see how search results look and choose how to target different audiences by optimizing your website’s content and structure.

Every day, your local prospects engage in online search, generating local traffic, checking local listings, and seeking local services. Google users frequently conduct mobile searches using relevant keywords, participate in social groups for local queries, read blog posts, listen to local influencers, and rely on online maps for precise locations.

Our goal is to guide all these potential customers seeking your services and products directly to your business.

Connect with your Local Community

Having all this in mind, if you want your business more visible in your area of service, you can try to establish relations with local businesses and your community and ask them to list your business on their website, and vice versa.

These are some local SEO tips we provide you with. If you incorporate these ‘local SEO tips‘ to your Google Business Profile (before Google My Business) it can help your local audience to find you more easily on business directories and in Google Map Pack.

While you’re waiting to take the first step and implement SEO tips to enhance your company’s online presence, it’s important to recognize that potential buyers are actively performing research using search engines. They are increasingly using voice search and looking for valuable keywords that will provide them with the information or solutions they need.

By understanding the evolving search behavior of your target buyers and optimizing your website for keywords, you can better align with their search intent and attract valuable organic traffic to your business.

We understand that running a business can be demanding, and not all business owners have the desire or time to learn how to enhance their online presence. That’s where marketing agencies come in – they are here to assist you.


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